Can't login to Beatport in software anymore

Hey all, I’ve been chatting to support via email re. This issue but they’ve not been much help, they just keep giving me very obvious advice like uninstall and install again and make sure you’re using the correct logins (duh).

Recently my beatport link subscription expired because they couldn’t take payment as my bank details changed. So the beatport subscription ended and could no longer pull through tunes from my beatport account to play on the app.

So I updated my details with beatport and started a new beatport link subscription. But when I try log in to beatport via the djay app, it keeps showing an error message that says I do not have a valid link subscription and so I can’t access my playlists anymore.

So far, I have tried:

  1. Deleting the app on iPad and Mac, then reinstalling and trying to log in.
  2. Deleting the app on iPad and Mac, doing a full shut down of each device and then reinstalling

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Andrew_Miles,

I’ve seen that you’re already being helped with this issue via email, and our team has asked that you contact Beatport directly for further assistance. Please let us know if you have any other questions we can assist you with.


The issue is all fixed now. It was a problem with my Beatport subscription.



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Thanks for letting us know, Andrew! Glad to hear things were resolved, and I’ll go ahead and close this thread. Have a great day!