Can't login to TIDAL

Has anyone had problems logging in?

I click login where I get a screen saying ‘We want to make sure it is actually you we are dealing with and not a robot’

I enter the CAPTCHA correctly and then it just spins and spins and nothing happens

I can’t get anywhere near to login?

You haven’t really given anyone anything to go on. It would probably help narrow down the issue if you were to include details like what hardware, what operating system and what app version. Also, have you checked that you have an active internet connection?

Hi @Chris_Stocks,

Just wanted to check in with you to see if you’ve been able to log in to TIDAL now in djay? Please let me know, along with some further details about your device, OS, and djay version, and I’ll be happy to help you out with this.

Yes I’m in now. It was strange…just wouldn’t pass the screeen

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I’m glad to hear things are working as expected! I’ll close this thread for now. Please reach out again if you have any other questions.