Cant play video from iTunes playlist also not continuously playing

Hi, I made a playlist in itunes and only put videos into it. When I go into vjaz for iPad (air) the only place I can see the playlist is when I search for it in the music area (not under videos where they are listed alphabetically. When I select one of those songs even though it is a video in iTunes it plays as a song (no video in vjay).

The only way I can get a video to play is to select it from the “video” section where all your songs are and I cannot see my playlist. This mad it hard to find songs as I was Djaying for my daughters 8th BD party and was not familiar with the songs that had to be searched for by the name only.

Also it would shave been nice to just hit play on the playlist and the song auto mix from one to another through the playlist.

Am I missing how to do it somehow. Help


Hi Alfredo,

Thank you very much for contacting us.

Video playlists aren’t supported at the moment. Any playlist you create in iTunes, even when it only contains videos, are being treated as “music playlists”.