Can't pre-cue on Pioneer controller

Hi, I am using Djay Pro, a recent Macbook air, and a brand new DDJ-SX3. I have the Pioneer controller connected to the Macbook via the provided USB cable. I cannot figure out how to get the Pioneer controller to pre-cue using the headphone jack on the Pioneer deck. When I push the cue buttons on the deck, it doesn’t cue to the headphones. Also when I try to configure audio devices, i don’t see the Pioneer deck as an option. I only see built-in output and split output as options for main output and pre-cueing on my computer - I think I should see the Pioneer deck as an option?

Hi Cameron,

Thank you for your post.

Did you install the designated driver by Pioneer:

If not please do so and let me know if this helped.

There isn’t an issue. You just don’t know what you’re doing. Who buys a $1,000 controller and doesn’t know the difference between ‘internal mixing’ and ‘external mixing’?

Driver installed - Still doesn’t work

Been a day - please respond

Respond please! The time in-between issues is ridiculous.
The crossfader on the SX3 only works in External Mixer mode. While in External Mixer mode, headphones are dead! When you click on the headphone icon at the top to correct this, a message pops up stating that Pre-Cueing is not available in external mixer mode.
I need the crossfader - I’m a DJ
I need my headphones - I’m a DJ
With all of this, another issue arises. Autoplay no longer works. I use this for long sitting moments.

Your website lists what “gear” works with your software. The DDJ-1000 had a disclaimer to it. Pretty much saying to all, that not every feature of that great device was available with your software. Like me, I’m sure others shy’d away from it. The SX3 is listed there. No disclaimer. Leading one to figure that there shouldn’t be any issues. I dropped a pretty coin on the SX3 and now you’re telling me that I have a Pioneer Brick?

You woke up pretty early in the morning to attack 2 posts! You should change your DJ name to “farmer”.

Can you offer insight here? Or do you swoop in, insult , and then leave. Come on Dan… show us how much of a man you can be.