Cant pre cue on windows 10

I have been trying to pre cue using bluetooth, hmdi devices and regular speakers to split the master from the pre cue sound and nothing works. In the menu option only allows me to pick only one out put, not as shown on mac devices (and only real tutorials BTW)

Hi daniel,

thank you for your post.
I am sorry to hear that. 
In order to pre cue with djay Pro for Windows we recommend using either a Splitter Cable or an external supported 4 channel soundcard (you can find controllers here:

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi guys

Terry, did you install the designated driver of the SR 2 you can find it here:…

Also this thread is about using a splitter Cable.

Please let me know if installing the driver did work for you.

so why dont you say that on your web page, you are leading people to think these devices are natively supported when they are not. so much time and money wasted