Can't purge Tidal from macOS

My Tidal subscription was cancelled in February and I have used every option to remove it’s presence from Djay on my mac however everytime I open Djay I am logged back on automatically. (see image)
Main problem being with this is Djay is still identifyng the source of some tracks as Tidal when they are not (also in image) and Djay will not let me add to playlists contaning apple tracks even though the track IS from apple.
I have deleted my Tidal library and any tracks From My collection in djay have been deleted and replaced with the apple version.
I have also uninstalled and reinstalled djay on my mac with no success.
Can someone please help me to Purge Tidal from my djay account.

mac OS Monterey version 12.7.4 2015
version 5.1.6

Not sure if this will work but try sign out of iTunes and sign back in…
This usually tends to fix issues like this but I can’t confirm if it will

No luck with that.
If I log out of Apple when I return it will ask for my password to reconnect as it should.
When I log out of tidal and I return it’s comes back without requesting any log in info.

Hi @daniel_curley, this appears to be a bug/edge case. I have forwarded this to the engineering team for further investigation. I’ll report back here when I have news. Thanks!

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Thanks @Slak_Jaw.
Wasn’t sure if it was buggy or my own incpompetence so just asked the question.

You’re welcome @daniel_curley.

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Hi @daniel_curley, the engineering team is recommending that you run the Keychain Access app and remove all entries called “com.algoriddim.djay-iphone-free” where the account name is “tidal-session”.


And just like that, it’s gone!
Great fix, thanks @Slak_Jaw

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You’re welcome @daniel_curley. Happy to help. Thanks for the update.

I’ve been having the same issue. Removing “com.algoriddim.djay-iphone-free” in KeyChain Access did the trick for me too!