Can't record mix using tracks from streaming services

I’m currently getting an error when I’m trying to record a mix using Beatport/TIDAL tracks.

This is very inconvenient because I will almost never be using offline storage.

Most files are already cached locally and WiFi cloud connections are becoming more standard for using in a set.

Can you please fix this and allow for mixes to be recorded using streaming services? It should be simple to just record the main output and capture that in a recording.


Yes, technically I’m sure it’s not a problem, but I guess the rights holders have a problem with it. That would be nice, but I don’t think it will ever be possible that way.

There’s nothing to fix as nothing is broken.

No streaming services allow users to record from them.

For starters they don’t have the rights to allow this from the record companies.

So Algoriddim will not be able to do anything as they have a deal to allow users to stream music.

Just be thankful we’ve got a streaming service we can use, Spotify pulled the plug a while back, so at least we’ve got Tidal for now……

On another note, if you really want to record your mixes and the main source of the music is from Tidal / Beatport / Soundcloud etc, then there are other less direct options….:wink:

This has nothing to do with rights of record companies. Beatport and these streaming services are licensing the tracks when you subscribe to one of their plans.

I have every right to record a mix and there is no difference from doing it via the streaming service and downloading the tracks and just doing it that way.

I think this is more of a technical limitation vs a legal one.

DJs have been recording mixes of music for years and you are 100% allowed to do so if you are not reselling it.

I’ll let someone from here explain it in more detail, but it is a rights issue.
Go onto any streaming services’ website and download a track to the hard drive of your computer, that isn’t stored in the services ‘walled garden’…you can’t.
No streaming service allows you to download music to your hard drive whenever you like.
That’s why they’re called streaming services and not download services. Yes, you can download to the app, but you can’t then transfer that download out of the app and on to your hard drive and use it anywhere you like.
Even if we are only recording for our own personal use, if it ends up on your hard drive as an mp3 that is a recording and the streaming services are not licenced to allow that.
Algoriddim could theoretically override this and allow us to record what we’re mixing but that would be in breach of the terms and conditions of the licensing arrangements that are in place between Algoriddim and Tidal / Soundcloud / Beatport etc.

Anyway, I’m sure one of the moderators can explain the restrictions and rights issues in better detail than I can.

@Emily @Guillermo - Any thing to add please?

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Hi @Jamescroe, Thanks for reaching out about this. As the other Community members have stated on this thread already (thanks, guys!), this is an issue of legal use and rights when it comes to music accessed via streaming services.

In djay, mix recording will not work when you use tracks from streaming services due to licensing agreements. Recording a mix disables access to streaming service music, and using the streaming services in djay disables the mix recorder.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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