Can't replace missing files - 'apply changes' is greyed out

Hi there!

I’m not sure if I’ve done anything wrong or if this is a bug, but here’s the issue – I’m trying to ‘replace missing files’, but once I select a replacement, I’m not able to ‘apply changes’ (the button is greyed out’). What’s going on here?

Hi @AndreasM.Braendhauge,

Thanks a lot for bringing this to our attention. I’ve double-checked this with our Development Team, and they’ve been able to reproduce the issue you’ve described as a bug in the software. They’ll work on a fix for this moving forward.

In the meantime, they shared the following workaround: If you manually toggle the Action from Relink->None->Relink, then the “Apply Changes” button gets enabled.

Thanks again for the bug report!