Can't save "current song" to Spoitfy

When i’m playing a song from Spotify…i can’t save the current song to Spotify…so i have to search it again and save it then.

So using Right Click -> Save is not saving the track to your Songs tab?

Lukas E.

Can you contact us via and share an exemplary video with us, dont know why you can’t access the Save feature.

Lukas E.

Right click don’t work

Right click is not responding, no right click menu…it should be nice if i can “Save the song” to Spotify.

To the Songs tab indeed.

Nice feature, that i’m missing

It’s better when you look with me, with Teamviewer.
With a movie you don’t understand the problem.
Is this possible?

I want to right click at “Current Song” at “Match Songs”. But there is no right click.

And then “Add to Library”

What do you don’t understand?

I want to Add: Castle one the hill to my library, but when i right click on it, i don’t get a menu with a Save option. No menu at all.

It’s an example, i don’t like Ed Sheeran :wink: