Can't select newly purchased songs

When I initially started using djay for iOS, I purchased several songs from iTunes and put them in a playlist. I was then able to select any, and all, of these songs within the djay app. I recently purchased a lot more music from iTunes and added them to that playlist. However, when I try to use them within djay those songs are a lighter color than the previously purchased songs, and look disabled. When I try to click on any of these songs, nothing happens. So, I cannot use them. I tried creating a new playlist with these songs, but that didn’t help. When I go into iTunes the songs/albums all appear to be downloaded as the albums I recently purchased have the text “DOWNLOADED” next to them. Am I missing some steps to enable these songs to be used within djay?

Hi @LastEpigram, welcome to the community. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble accessing these new songs. Can you please provide some more details so I can help to troubleshoot the issue with you?

  1. What model of iPad or iPhone are you using?
  2. What version of iOS and djay are you using?
  3. Do you have an active paid djay Pro AI subscription?
  4. How are you transferring the songs to your device? Are you connecting your device to iTunes/Music on a Mac or PC?
  5. Are the songs being stored on the device or a connected external drive?

1: iPhone 13 Pro Max & 2020 iPad Pro (12.9-inch)
2: 16.2 & 4.1.10
3: Yes
4: Purchased on the device using iTunes. Songs appear to have downloaded per original post.
5: On the device.

I’m having the same problem on the iPhone and iPad. I assume I am missing some critical step, that maybe should be obvious. I have uploaded some screen shots (but it took 3 posts to do so) from my iPhone in hopes that you’ll see what I might be doing wrong. The first shows that (from what I can tell) iTunes showing that a particular album has been downloaded. The next shows djay unable to select songs from this album (or any of my recent purchases). The 3rd shows songs that are able to be selected to see how the UI differentiates available and unavailable songs. Thanks!

UPDATE: The problem does not exist (at least anymore) on my iPad. It is possible I used iTunes on my iPad to purchase the songs, and that is the reason I can’t access them via djay on my iPhone? The screenshots are from my iPhone. The songs do appear to be downloaded according to iTunes and the Music app, but clearly they must not be, or djay thinks they’re not.

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@LastEpigram sorry for the delay in responding. I wanted to test things throughly on my system first to see if I could reproduce the issue. I also tested it two different ways to be sure.

  1. First, I purchased a song from iTunes on my iPhone and downloaded it to the Music App.
  2. Then I purchased a different song from iTunes on my iPad and downloaded it to the Music App.
  3. I created a playlist “New iTunes(iPad)” and “New iTunes(iPhone)” within the Music App on each device. Note in my setup that the playlist I made in Music on iPhone did not show up in Music on iPad or vice versa. I can only see the playlist that I created on device.
  4. On both my iPhone and iPad, I was able to see these 2 new songs within the Music App on both devices under the Recently Added and Downloaded tabs of the Library.
  5. I was also able to see both songs via the Music source in djay. Again the playlist I made on iPhone was not visible on iPad, but both songs are playable on both devices.

I’m guessing your Settings might be different than mine.

  1. Are you using the same AppleID on both devices?
  2. Do you also have an Apple Music Streaming service subscription or free trial on either device?
  3. Please confirm that the new songs show up in the Downloaded tab of the Music App on both your iPhone and iPad.
  4. Can you rename the playlist in the Music App on your iPad so it’s different from the one on iPhone? Also, can you confirm if that playlist name automatically changes on iPhone?
  5. Please check your Settings>Music on both devices and confirm that you have Show Apple Music turned OFF, Show All Purchases turned ON, and Automatic Downloads also turned ON.

1: Yes
2: I guess I do. I at least have an Apple Music subscription. Do I need this for djay to work with songs I purchase from iTunes? I think I subscribed to this when I first got djay thinking djay could use that to pull music from. Once I realized that wouldn’t work, and songs had to be purchased and downloaded to work with djay, I never cancelled the subscription.
3: Yes. The songs do show up and appear to be identical on both the iPad and iPhone.
4: Not really. Any playlists I create on one device automatically get downloaded to the other device.
5: My settings look different than yours. Maybe because I am subscribed to Apple Music? The first two options do not exist in my Music settings. However, Automatic Downloads was turned off on my iPhone. Although turning this on, thus far, doesn’t appear to remedy the problem on my iPhone.

Hi @LastEpigram, thanks for the additional info. I suspect that the Apple Music Subscription is the problem here. Other users have reported issues when using it as well. I don’t have a subscription myself so I can’t test it, but please read through their suggestions in the topics below and let me know if this helps:

@LastEpigram I’m just following up to see if you’re still have issues. Were the linked threads above of any help? Thanks.

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