OSStatus error 2003334207 - tracks newly added to playlist

I’ve just stayed using djay app on my iPhone and have started getting the error code 2003334207 saying it can’t load certain tracks. I’m using MP3 and WAV files through ITunes.

I got this on a few tracks when I first started using the app but then added some more tracks to my playlists and updated my phone but now none of the newly added tracks work - they all get this error. They work fine through iTunes and they’re not new tracks to me, I just recently added them to some playlists when I updated my phone. Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi @Mrmrr

I just spent 2 hours with Apple support on this and they could not find a solution, but eventually I worked it out.

Just so you get the full picture, I tried to isolate the issue if it is djay pro or the iTunes Music.

I open Rekordbox to see what it gives me, and apparently, the format was not supported.

While with Apple Support, we discovered that the format of the purchased song is still HLS which is the streaming format of the song, and there is no way to change that. But here are the steps I took.

using a Mac:

  1. I removed all the downloads of the affected songs, then deleted them from the library.
  2. Went to the Music App Settings (on the Mac)

General > untick ‘Download Dolby Atmos’
Playback > untick ‘Lossless Audio’
Playback > ‘Dolby Atmos’ > Off

  1. in the main menu, went to Account > Account Settings > Hidden Purchases > Manage
    for some reason, all the removed songs become hidden so I have unhidden them
  2. Back to Account > Purchases (or Family purchases) if you have family sharing
  3. Redownload all the songs again.
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@SpectaRex this is super helpful. Thanks for sharing!

No worries at all. thought it may help the community, this topic is everywhere.