Can't upgrade from DJay 2 (iPad 2) to iPhone 11

I have installed of Djay and Djay 2 (both on iPad 2) and I just bought DJ pro to my Mac Desktop. I would like to use the Pro version on the iPhone too since my iPad 2 can’t update to Pro (obviously I don’t want to pay for another licence since I already did it twice).

The answer from Algoriddim support is that I’m eligible for a special offer since I purchased djay 2 in the past (as I expected), so I can get this “special limited-time offer” to permanently unlock essential PRO features in djay for iOS. To get this offer, you just needed to have djay 2 installed on your iPhone. 

Problem is: to get djay 2 on your iPhone I should follow these steps and they simply doesn’t work at all. Am I missing something?

Hi vitor, Thank you for getting in touch. We will continue the support communication via mail. Cheers Lukas E.