Can't upgrade my DJAY for free

I have purchased djay years ago and heard I can upgrade on DJAY PRO AI for free, but when I do the steps it just loops me through the App Store from the old app to DJAY PRO AI, but it just loops from the App Store to DJAY PRO AI and on and on.

Is there a way I can do this without using the App store?

djay for iOS » Free Upgrade to the new djay for iOS Step 2 on this says the below;
Unlock the free in-app purchase when starting the app

Your old djay app needs to be installed on the device for verification

I have the old app and new app on my old device to try putting the “License” on to the PRO AI app, but this just does not work.

Any help would be awesome

Thank you,

Hey Lang,

Thanks for joining us over here in the djay Community.

I have some questions for you:

  • What legacy version of djay do you have installed on your iOS device?
  • Are you repeatedly getting the legacy unlock window shown in djay PRO AI?
  • Are you currently logged into an Apple ID on your iOS device? This is necessary to “purchase” the free legacy unlock.
  • Could you please record a screen capture of the loop process that you describe above? It would be interesting to look at this. You can either host the video somewhere and post the link here or use our Dropbox folder.

Hope to hear from you again.

Cheers, G

Hi Guillermo,

No problem, please see my answers below;

Legacy version; djay 2 - algoriddim GmbH - Version 2.8.31
I am currently logged in with my Apple ID - Yes.
I have uploaded a recording from my phone to your Dropbox link - this goes as follows; djay 2 - App Store - djay LE - then it loops from Djay LE to app store constantly and does nothing else.

Look forward to hearing from you;

Thank you,

Hey Lang,

The problem is that in order to install and run djay PRO AI on your iOS device, iOS 12.2 or later is required.

We apologize for the inconveniences this might have caused you.

Cheers, G

Hi Guillermo,

So even though I am eligible for this… due to the age of my iPad (which cant get iOS 12.2) I can’t get the free legacy unlock at all?

Is there no way around this?

Thank you,

Hi Langerz

No way around that and it’s very normal for Apple/IOS apps.

I had an old iPad like you that I used with djay2 for years on iOS 8. When I decided I wanted to upgrade I found that the new Djay needed minimum of 12+ to make use of the new features & my iPad would only update to 10.3.

I bought a new IPad Pro because I needed the new features, the old iPad wasn’t fast enough, I couldn’t upgrade most of my other apps for the same reason & djay2 has issues with searching the library when you type the 1st letter and this will never now be fixed.

But your upgrade is linked to your Apple ID so go get a newer iPad that’s capable of running the new Djay & the apps you won’t have been able to update for a while.
Go into the App Store, look in “Purchased”
Find Djay 2 or whichever old version you used before, and install it.

Now when you run the app it will tell you about the free upgrade and it will take you to the App Store to download the new version which will unlock some of the subscription features and work fine. (Unless they ever take the free option away!!)

Good luck

Ps. don’t go crying about an old iPad. I have 5 iPhones and one by one Apple made sure you can’t use the old ones for different reasons that required buying a new one. :rofl: Blame apple not Algorridim.

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