Can't use some songs on djay for iPhone

I cant use all the songs on my music they are gray and when I press on it it’s sais something about iCloud. There’s suppose to be a help for it but the page dosnt exsist

Thanks for your time

Please open the Music app on your iPhone and check whether there is a cloud button next to the affected song. If yes, tap this button to download the song to your iPhone.

I downloaded $80 in music and I can’t use it even when I pulled it from I cloud how do I store it locally so I cloud doesn’t f it up

I’m not using iTunes Match. I rencently purchased a new iPod touch 5th gen. I downloaded all of my music but now most of it does not work! (Music I bought from iTunes)

I’m getting the DRM alert. The songs are definitely on my device and not in the cloud. They work fine on all other music apps I have when I’m not connected on wifi.

All of these songs worked completely fine on DJAY on my iPod 4 but they won’t work on this!