Can't use spotify! Was able to earlier today! Help!

I use djay 2. I have an iPad 4.
I use FB to login to Spotify. When I switch from iTunes to Spotify on the app, it redirects me to safari for the login process. Around 6 hours ago, everything was fine and I could login without issues, but right now all that is loading is a page that has the spotify logo, ‘‘Spotify’’ next to it, and then ‘‘Unknown Error’’ right below it. I’ve tried just about everything to fix this! Someone help me, please!

I even cleared ‘‘History and Website Data’’ but to no avail.

Brandon, try now. It worked for me. I think it was a problem that Spotify had and not just bad connection issues. Hope it works. Good luck with the party!

Im having the exact same issue and i have a party to play at tonight this is driving me nuts!