Capability to load songs/videos from external USB drive/thumb drive

Please make your software able to read from an external source ie thumbdrive or USB drive hooked to an iUSBPort by HyperDrive.

The limitation is not with the software but rather with the hardware.

Without this feature, Vjay can’t really be useful for real big event. Video file are large in size and how to vjaying with such a limited videos and songs in local ipad memory!? Please support this feature… It will safe lots of fans here!

Hi there,

djay 2 and djay Pro support external USB drive, Wifi hard drives, and cloud services. Please make sure the devie you want to use has a file managing application and supports the “Document Provider” App Extension.

For further informations please see:…

Lukas E.

I’m agree, it would be an important implementation. I’ve an iPad Air 16gb and now I’ve a big limits to work with this small memory.

Mmmm very nice surprise! But I would like to use Vjay but it doesn’t support external usb drive and it doesn’t work the playlist with video(djay 2 work)
Now I use video DJ, free app, for video. I sing, and I use IPad for video instrumental song with lyrics on the screen. At this moment Vjay is less implemented than djay2.