Casio Trackformer and Spotify

Anyone having crossfader issues using spotify and the Casio xw-dj1? If I try to cut in any part of a track its like the crossfader doesn’t respond.

I’ve been experiencing this too intermittently.
I’ll try to capture it on video for you but fail to see how this would help you find a solution unless you don’t believe it’s happening.
I’m running the latest version of iOS on an iPad Air 2 and running the latest version of Djay Pro and Djay2.
Here is an example of what happens when I have the crossfader in mix mode (not cutting)

  1. Start playing track on deck B
  2. Cue up and then play track on deck A
  3. Move crossfader from deck B side to deck A side and mix in the track. (Crossfader on Djay app follows movement on controller)
  4. Cue up and then play track on deck B
  5. Move crossfader from deck A side to deck B side and the crossfader DOESN’T respond on the Djay app and no sound comes in from deck B.
  6. I then have to move the crossfader all the way to deck B and only then does the Djay software detect the controllers crossfader position and abruptly brings in the sound from deck B.

I’m hoping my description of the problem above is detailed enough that you don’t require me to video it but will if it’s still required.

I hope you can resolve this with your next app update.
It happens in both of the apps Djay pro and Djay 2 and with the apps crossfader in both modes: Mix and cutting.

Thank you

Lukas E
I have emailed you a short video of the fault to as requested.
I look forward to hearing back from you.
Kind regards

Any update yet Lukas?
Kind regards

Hi there,

we are sorry to tell you but we were not able to reproduce your issue, therefor could you send us a video of this behaviour via, that would be very helpful, thank you in advance.

Lukas E.