Catalina and split audio/video playlists


I think I probably already know the answer to this, givne that iTunes is no more and music and video are separated into different apps within MacOS Catalina.

With iTunes I had a number of playlists created that had a mix of video and audio content.
Now, since the update to Catalina, Djay Pro 2 has split these playlists into 2 different lists, one containing the music and another with the video content.

Is there a way to get back the complete playlists containing all content, or am I now having to just live with the fact that the TV app is where I need to create specific playlists for music videos and the Music app for songs and let Djay managed them as individual playlists?

It would be great to get this back, as everything is now much more confusing with a much longer list of duplicate playilists to scroll through to find the content I want…