cdg support?

is there cdg support in djay … can you get timed lyrics on a tv display while djay-ing?

djay Pro 1.1 is now able to mix videos that can be displayed on an external screen. Therefore, you can mix videos with timed lyrics. However, djay Pro is not able to detect lyrics on its own.

Any new on this? Dallas are you using a computer or ipad? Is vjay with cdg-support available for ipad? I am using Grinta pro to play cdg karaoke.

I also would like an external controller that connects with lightning and has audio outs for main and phones and also video out for karaoke.

CDG support! While karaoke tracks are making a shift to mp4 and more common video files that Djay does support, majority of user’s libraries are ZIP files of CDG and MP3 or MP3+G. Oddly, I can’t find options to convert these files and therefor am sadly running Djay Pro (with Spotify!) when I can but I have to switch to VirtualDJ for karaoke. The $20 a month I pay for VirtualDJ would much rather go to a better designed and more capable app like this one!

Thank you!

Any idea if CDG support will be added?