CDJ 2000 usb drop outs

I’m having problems using cdj 2000 nexus players… sound drops out and distorts after an hour into gigs. I use spotify when it happens. Not that very stable while using it for gigs.

Does this only happen when playing with CDJs? Or did this also occur without them?

It happens when using them with cdj’s. Then it completely stops working. I had to restart one CDJ but couldn’t restart the other one cause it was playing off USB. I closed app tried it on the one cdj still wouldn’t work. did it a couple times then got it to work but it started distorting again.

Hi guys,

we added support of the CDJ-350, CDJ-400, CDJ-850, CDJ-900, CDJ-2000, XDJ-700 
and improved our support of the CDJ-900NXS CDJ-2000NXS and XDJ-1000 with the new update of djay Pro 1.3.
Are you still experiencing the explained problems?

Check it out.

Lukas E.