CDJ-350 Jog wheel and Waveform Issue

When I load a song and touch the plater on my cdj 350 and move it forward to set a cue point , then after the waveform jumps a few bars forward without me moving the platter not all time tho , I have use a different Mac and same problem

When u usually move the plater the waveform will move but I’m not moving platter , I jus have my hand on the platter , the waveform moves without me moving platter forward , and kind of jumps and sometimes the waveform reversed on its own

I have no problems when using rekorbox

Hi @Ellisparty,

  1. What macOS version are you using?
  2. What Mac hardware are you using?
  3. What version of djay Pro?
  4. Is this a new issue or was it working previously and something has changed?
  5. Have you modified the built-in MIDI mapping for your CDJ-350?
  6. Does the same issue happen with your other CDJ-350?

Jus sorted it, I updated firmware on cdjs , I’ve jus bought limited white editions and for got about updating firmware ,because they were hardly used they have never been updated

Thanks for getting back to me

Great! That was going to be my next suggestion. Glad you got it sorted and thanks for letting me know.

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