Cdj 350 spotify

Is it possible to Dj using Spotify using my 2xcdj350 and djm 350 setup?

Hi Joe,

the CDJ 350s are natively supported and work perfectly with any external mixer like the djm 350/400.
You need to connect both CDJs via midi and hit the laptop icon.
After doing so you can select the deck you want to control with the cdjs.
Now set your djay software to external mixer mode and you can mix perfectly via the djm.

It appears you used another rooting, have you tried the one I am suggesting?

If you need further information please see the djay Pro manual (Help > djay Pro Manual).

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi Brent Marchand,

yes it is, all you got to do is select the CDJs as external mixing decks while both being connected to your Mac.
After doing so you can use Spotify as music source and mix via the DJM.

Lukas E.

definitely, but not ideal. I used to use my 350 and 400 as controllers for djay and run my audio through one of them, and then from the output of the cdj into the djm 350. The setbacks, however, were 1) the djm 350 does not have midi capabilities, so you cannot use it to control the mixer within djay. 2) I was only able to select 1 external audio device in djay, so I would use one of the cjd’s for main audio, and use the laptop’s audio out for pre-cueing. Not the greatest setup because a) there was delay between the two outputs which made cuing difficult and b) if the headphone jack came unplugged, it would interrupt the main audio for about 3 seconds. If djay pro allows you to select more that one device for external audio, then you could select each one as audio for each deck and then use your mixer the way it’s intended to be used. I just haven’t checked to see if that’s an option because since then I’ve bought a XDJ-R1 which I love.

Thanks for the quick answer.
Did you try this before or after the 1.3 update?