CDJ and DJM with Djay Pro for Mac

Hello, I would use my two cdj 350 and my djm 850 with Djay Pro for Mac, I connected cdj to djay, both work properly but the audio output is sent to only one of the four channel of my mixer, I would use two channels, one for each cdj, does anyone know if it is possible?

Sadly it seems that Djay Pro only supports software mixing…
I’d love to see the ability to use an external mixer!

Sorry Lukas but you are wrong!
I don’t have access to cdjs but as far as I know the cdjs don’t have a midi port. Just look at the pictures on the internet :wink:

You’ll need two USB Cables (Type A to B).
The CDJs have integrated sound cards which you should be able to use with Djay.
Then use RCA cables to your mixer and you should be good to go.


How do you adjust sensitivity of the jogs on cdi 850 via midi? its hyper sensitive at the moment :0(

Hid 6% tempo range vinyl mode, do I have any options then?

If you haven’t seen it, yet: since djay Pro 1.1 there’s an external mixer mode. We paid attention to your need!

Jordan, did you follow these instructions?…

Ok, please try to configure the CDJ’s MIDI channels.

  1. Press and hold the [DISPLAY (UTILITY)] button for 1 second or longer to switch to UTILITY mode.

  2. Turn the rotary selector and select [MIDI CH]. Press the rotary selector to choose your selection.

  3. Turn the rotary selector and select a MIDI channel (1–4). Press the rotary selector to choose your

Glad to hear that, Jordan!

I would like some help on this issue also.

Has anyone managed to setup the CDJ-350’s as midi controlers??

I’ve managed to get them to work as basically 2no. separate sound cards so i can use an external mixer all fine, but I just can’t set them to be used as controllers as well.

Or if anyone has had any success in manually adding additional non-native controllers??

I normally use Serato, and when using these CDJ within Scratch live, the CDJs ask for deck/midi id’s, but when connected to DJ Pro they don’t ask for this information and it seems like the program isn’t requesting them etc?



I did Adrian, but I get stuck at stage 3. Steps 1&2 are fine and I get the notification to add/configure a midi controller, but when the window to programme them appears and tells you to press a button/move a slider etc to configure them, no matter what sliders I move, buttons I press on the CDj it doesn’t register.


It appears that mapping wasn’t occurring due to out of date firmware.

I’ve now updated to 1.12 and things are looking up!

its all not great though :frowning:

hitting some niggly brick walls with configuring the CDJ as a midi controller.

a couple are:

  • after enabling the jog wheel to pitch bend, i cant program it to scratch/search when pressed down.
  • song titles aren’t displayed on the CDJ
  • time aren’t displayed on the CDJ’s

I’ve used other DJ tools which use the CDJ-350 without any hitches and seem to work seamlessly, I came to Djay as it is the only software out there with Spotify integration and would like this piece of software to work seamlessly also. Hopefully the software is still young and we can improve it so that it can work seamlessly as others as i see the potential.

Is anybody using CDJ-350 and Algoriddim Dj Pro?

Im planning to buy ones and need to know how works, thanks!

Hi guys,

we added support of the CDJ-350, CDJ-400, CDJ-850, CDJ-900, CDJ-2000, XDJ-700 
and improved our support of the CDJ-900NXS CDJ-2000NXS and XDJ-1000 with the new update of djay Pro 1.3.

Check it out.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi jimmyjamesh, 

adjusting the sensitivity is not possible via djay Pro, our apologies.
In which mode are you using the cdi mainly?

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Hi Orlino,

sadly the CDJ 1000 is not natively supported. I forwarded your post as a mapping request internally.

Does any other user have experience with mapping the CDJ 1000?

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Hi Martin Lee,

2 regular usb cables in order to connect the cdj’s.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi Lennart,

sorry for the misunderstanding, mixed those two up. 
Yes you need two USB cables as you said.

Thank you for the correction.

Lukas E.

Have anyone found a solution?