CDJs with iPad / iOS

Hello, currently switched to a setup with two rane twelve MKIIs and a DJM-S11 on an iPad Pro. Works pretty well, but I was wondering if iOS will be receiving the same treatment for CDJs as the Mac, or even the Denon SC6000s?

This would really be the icing on the cake as I wouldn’t have to lug around my setup all the time and just plug my iPad into the Pioneer club mixers / players v.s. also bringing a laptop I barely use (which would require having to reanalyze my TIDAL playlists and set cues since I don’t think DJAY Pro saves this information via cloud).

Any info / guidance would be very appreciated!.

Hi @Juan-Tenorio_Benites,

Thanks for asking about this.

Unfortunately, CDJs are not natively supported on djay for iOS due to these devices not being iOS class-compliant. You can find a full list of natively supported hardware in our FAQ.

I’d like to point out that we just added support (also on iOS) of one of the devices that you mentioned, the Denon DJ SC6000 PRIME. However, please note that the displays are not currently being supported.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Thanks Guillermo, I knew they weren’t class compliant but I thought there might be a chance because I’m currently using the DJM-S11 on iOS just fine, but I realize this may only be due to the fact that it serves as an external mixer.

I appreciate the reply anyways, and it did get me thinking about whether DJay Pro will ever offer cloud storage services / features for its track data, cue points, and more?

Would be very useful when transferring between devices!

Thanks again!

Yes, down the line, we’d like to offer something like this cross-platform. We kindly ask for your patience while we work on improving this. Thanks for your understanding.

Hope I could help.

Cheers, G

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Thank you G! Excited to see where the team takes it!

What about ipad pro and air compatible dj mixers? Is the a list somewhere of compatible ones? Also for audio cards?

You can find a full list of natively supported hardware in our FAQ .