Certain tracks don't play through to the end

Certain tracks don’t play through to the end. I have a couple of tracks that play fine in the Apple Music app but when I load them into DJay to play them they stop halfway through the song. I can’t figure out why

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While waiting for other replies, you can try this out as it has worked for me many times.
To see if Djay is the problem.
Find the music file on your computer (right click in ITunes and show location), make a copy of it and change the file name slightly. Add it back to iTunes so now you have a duplicate. Sync it to Djay and let it analyze the new copy. If it works and plays to the end then you know there was corruption in the Djay database. Just delete the original in iTunes and sync it out of Djay as you can’t delete a tracks data from the Djay iTunes database. That’s an ongoing issue for years.
You should be able to re-analyze a single track that has already been analyzed to update it or get rid of corruption.

Believe it or not. The only other way is to delete the whole djay database in user data or delete and reinstall Djay. Crazy!!

I’m having the same issues for the past few weeks. Not sure what is causing this to happen but it seems to happen very often during my sessions. Is it because I moved the files to another location?

We are sorry to hear about the issue you are facing. Could you point out in which format the tracks are in? Are affected tracks always not playing till the end? Also, please let us know the exact djay version and operating system version you are using.

OK I think I have gotten a handle on what the problem is. When I do get info on the file in the Apple Music app it has an end time that is too short. It is before the actual end of the song. It plays through to the end in Apple Music but it stops at the end time in the get info when played in djay Pro. The problem is I can’t seem to alter the end time in the get info window in Apple Music. I’m assuming the file is corrupted. If anyone knows how to fix the file in Apple Music please let me know. I tried duplicating the file,
And changing the title slightly but that doesn’t seem to help.

If the file is corrupted or at-least it has been encoded by a third party app in an incompatible mode for apple before you received the track. You could try a few things. The easiest, if it is an MP3 is to use the inbuilt iTunes convert to .m4a option (convert to AAC) to see if that gets rid of the issue. Next you can use a Free music file editor like Audacity to open the file and export it straight back to make a clean updated version of the file.
Once you have a program like Audacity you will find it very useful to remove dead space at the begging and end of tracks, fade out endings and easily make your own samples & mixes etc.

Ps. If you are using the Mac Music app you may have it set to automatically convert new music files from their original format to a new apple format that could be incompatible with certain .mp3 encoded files from programs like “Audion” etc. Make sure that apple isn’t converting the ones you are having trouble with.

Pps. I used ITunes convert feature in an attempt to reduce my Storage space on my old iPad by converting from .mp3 320k down to 256k .m4a files. And while yes it saved alot of space, about 8% of 10,000 tracks would not play properly on Djay. So I’m guessing that 20 years of different .mp3 formats/encoding gave apple some issues. I reverted to a backup and everything worked fine again. So I’m saying to stick with the original files if you can and never assume conversions worked without testing them first.

Good luck.

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