CFX Screen layout needs a modification

In the new version, the only issue i have is the screen layout. I tend to set cut point and when i want to “mix now”, i cant see the cue points at the time they hit the red line…probably a poor description….so here’s a photo

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  • Please move the Mix Now button to the main interface
  • OR (even better) bring back the on-screen Transition Left / Right buttons.


  • in the meantime, you can still use the hardware crossfader
  • OR you could MIDI map the commands to a controller
  • in macOS, there’s also the option to map a keyboard shortcut

That would be better and solver the problem if had it on the main screen.

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@David_Bielby thanks for the suggestion! Please use the blue Vote button at the top left of this page so we can gauge user demand for this feature. In the meantime, I’ll share this with the dev team for consideration.

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