Change Key to Match using DDJ1000 only?

Hello there all.

Currently I’m having to use my mouse to click to change the key to match using the DJAY AI Pro software on my laptop. Is there a way to manually change the key to match on my DDJ1000 without having to constantly reference my screen and Djay AI Pro software…?

Please advise and revert with your comments and suggestions when you get an opportunity.

Anthony :slight_smile:

Hi @CreativeAnto, the button you’re looking for on the Pioneer DDJ-1000 is called KEY SYNC. It’s located just to the right of the Performance Pads (see below).

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Is this function a midi mappable function?
Say for the Rane One?

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@maurizio_T yes, this is a MIDI Mappable command. It’s called Match Key.

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Hi Slak_Jaw and thank you for your reply… but I understand about that button… that creates a perfect match… but I don’t need a perfect match… I need a harmonious key that is close to the current key playing… currently I change this in the Djay Pro AI software interface… is there a way to manually tweak the key of an incoming track, one by one increments using on the DDJ1000 hardware…?

Thanks Slak, interesting to know….


  1. First of all, I recommend you change the Key Match in the Settings>Library>KEY>Match to FUZZY. This setting will limit the key change to a maximum of 2 keys which often yields better automated results.
  2. There’s a great article about how Fuzzy Key Mixing works here: Fuzzy Keymixing: The Easy New Way To Mix Anything Into Anything
  3. I don’t believe the default MIDI Mapping for the DDJ-1000 has a controls mapped for Key + and Key -. However, it’s pretty easy to MIDI Map these yourself.
  4. Here’s the MIDI Mapping guide for for macOS:
  5. I recommend you assign these to the some unused buttons on the Shift layer of your controller like Shift + Search or Shift + Page.
  6. The commands need to be mapped for each Deck so you first need to set the Target to Deck 1, then Action to Key -. Repeat this for Key + and then repeat both for Deck 2.
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