Change mode of Jog Wheel on pioneer ddj-wego3

Hello, i using djay 2 on ipad with pioneer ddj-wego3 , and i can’t find where i can change mode of my jog wheel to jog mode,now it in vinyl mode.Thank you.

Just hold down the “Shift” button while moving the jogwheels.

Hi Pawel,

we are sorry to tell you but this is only possible if your controller is supporting this setting, which is not the case with the WeGo3.

Our apologies.

Lukas E.

Hi Pawel,

i added your request to our user request list. It would be great if other users “Me Too” this thread in order to push the topic.

Thank you for your idea.

Cheers,Lukas E.

This doesn’t resolve my problem.

I want to use jog exactly like in cd mode in cdj pioneer players. Is it possible to achieve this in djay2? To be more specific: I want to use the whole jog surface for pitch bending, not for scratching.

Please help, this is very important for me.

Lukas, thx for your reply.

In VirtualDJ there was a possibility to turn off the vinyl mode with the button on the screen. Can’t you just add one more button on the screen in DJay2 to do that?

This is really annoying. I’m playing house and breaks music. It’s really easy to stop the playback during pitch bending right now. I still want to use my iPad Mini for playing parties, but if it’s not changed I’m going to switch to MacBook Air with Virtual DJ.

Lukas, is it possible to add this kind of button on the application screen? How can I request such function? I guess that this method is already coded, but it needs adding the UI to execute it. Is it possible that algoriddim team adds this kind of button, so the jog mode is not depending on controller buttons?

Go to MIDI - Configure Pioneer DDj WeGo3 and change the settings with the following in the images :wink:

Hi there I am trying to do the same but I have just bought a DDJ200. When I press play it’s on vynil mode and I want it on CDJ classic mode. How can I do this with the DDJ200? Thanks