Change queue order Djay for Android

Hi - how do I change the order of songs in the Queue? This is a deal breaker for me if it can’t be done on Android as it seems a pretty basic function.
If anyone knows how to do it let know!

I don’t know if it applies for Android but on the iPad you just tap and hold onto the track you want moved and drag it up or down in the order that you want…

Hi, thanks for your message, on iPad that is how it works. I switched to an Android tablet because on iPad you cannot expand the RAM so I bought a Android tablet, paid for Djay (again!) and now find that it may not have this most basic of functions!

Hi @BattyBoy,

At this time rearranging the order of queued tracks is not a feature that has been implemented into djay for Android.

I will, however, pass this along to our dev team for further review!

Additionally I will be moving this thread to our suggestions category so that it will be better monitored.

Thanks again!