Change queue order

I want to change the queue order on the fly. I love the software and always use it at my gigs but if I suddenly want to slow down the tempo a bit how do I change the queue order?

I would say that SORT BY feature is what we are looking for in the QUEUE list.
Trying to SLOW the tempo down?
Dragging each song individually is not an ideal solution.
SORT by BMP would make for a great solution.

Hi Neil,

you can change and edit the Queue order by…

  1. going to the library
  2. select Queue in the bottom menu
  3. click on edit in the top right of the library
  4. now you can drag and drop tracks in order to change the order

Hope this is helping.

Lukas E.

I have noticed that lately when I go to change the queue order, sometimes they will shift and other times I am unable to shift the order.

I used to be able to order my automix playlist on the fly. It was one of the most valuable features about this software. Happy to look for an alternative before my two gigs this weekend, if that’s what I need to do.

It’s like the new update of the software has changed this ability. It used to work flawlessly. Haven’t heard back with a legitimate answer as of yet. I bet I recommend this software to at least 5-10 people a month when the ask me what I’m using.