Change Selected Track Highlight Color

Help. I have changed the selected track color to white instead of the standard blue color so it is really hard to see the name of the song when I have it selected in the library. How do you edit the color of songs played, selected songs and the auto mix button. I know it is all the same color I just can’t seem to find where to edit it.

@Logan_Pennington djay Pro on iOS does not support changing colors. Can you please explain how you did this initially? Did you make the change in your iOS settings (ex Classic Invert)?

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Sorry I fat fingered it. MacOS.

In this video shows my main computer and my two backup machines, and all three of them have different accent colors For selected songs in the library, Played songs, And assortment of buttons around The app.

My suspicion is that it is controlled somehow by the macOS settings via the appearance menu. Works great if you never touch that option. However if you select a different color then try to go back to the standard “Blue” it defaults to white in the app.

@Logan_Pennington I believe this is a macOS setting. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to a Mac so I can’t be of much help here. I recommend you try the Apple support website or Google in this case.

I believe this is an issue with DJay Pro when running on macOS Sonoma. Which would make it ultimately a DJay Pro issue working on the operating system issue. Thanks for recommending that I google it. lol I have already don’t that a million times. At least you responded tho I do appreciate that for sure. Sorry you couldn’t be much help here.

@Logan_Pennington I checked with the dev team and we are not able to reproduce the change to the highlight color like you’re showing in the video. Are you sure that you made the change within djay? Either way, we are looking into it further on our end and will let you know if we can reproduce it and have a solution for you.

Thank you @Slak_Jaw! Here is a follow up video showing the issues side by side my backup computer.

Hi @Logan_Pennington thanks for the video. That’s very helpful. Can you please confirm exactly what version of macOS you are running? It seems that this might be an OS bug. Thanks!

This same issue is happening to my MAC book Pro running Sonoma 14.2.1 as well The Library highlight remains white however other Macs have no issue like Logan describes
Also played tracks make no changes

I was running the latest version at the time of everything.

@raviradh I couldn’t find anyone or anything online that could help me so I just saved all my Djay folder files and wiped my computer and reinstalled everything.

Thanks for the info @Logan_Pennington. So, did reinstalling everything fix the issue?

Hi @Logan_Pennington and @raviradh, just wanted to give you a quick update. The engineering team was able to reproduce this issue and is investigating it further. I’ll report back when I know more. Thanks!

there are several problems with colours and song cover display on playlist. The colours changes randomly and changing all song cover to that colour. Same with colour of current selected item it’s light grey and text colour is white (so it’s unreadable). I am attaching screenshots showing the problem.
It will be nice to fix that urgently.

@PROsiaq I’ve merged this with a similar topic to keep things organized. We are aware of this issue and are investigating it further.


Since the latest update whenever I click a playlist on the far left hand side, the title of the playlist is whited-out, meaning, I can no longer see the name of the playlist. I can see the songs on the playlist but not the name.

Also, the “color highlight played track” no longer works for me.

Please advice.


Hi @Shane_Crosby,

I’ve merged your topic with this existing one. This issue is known and currently under investigation with our engineering team. I’ll report back here when I have more news.

I’ve got the same problem… please resolve it!!
MacBook Pro m3 pro

Hi, I spend several hours to check where is the problem and I think that some configuration is not cleaned from older version. I’ve used suggested tips from this link but I think that something is missed. I created new clean account on my Mac OS and then when I open completely new djay AI app there is no displaying issues. So the question is where some wrong things are stored even after configuration reset. Maybe this help - when I clean the configuration and I’m open djay AI once more it keep all login account (TIDAL ex.) informations anyway.