change waveforms layout from stacked to independent decks.

Hello everyone,

I am new here but I have been using DJAY pro 2 for mac for a year and half now. It is great !

But I was wondering if it was possible to switch from the standard parallel waveform layout to a layout that’s closer to a decks + mixer set-up, with waveforms on each side for each deck (similar to the TRAKTOR so-called “mixer” layout). I am afraid that this very convenient DJAY PRO 2 layout doesn’t prepare me well enough to mix on a full DJ set-up… I tried the vinyl view but it includes only a global track waveform and not another window with a zoom-in.

Otherwise, do you have any suggestions to help me prepare as much as possible for mixing on a full set-up ?

Thank you for your support :slight_smile:


Are you using Djay Pro with an iPad or on a Mac/PC?
With the iPad you just set the iPad in Vertical mode and use the 2 decks display.

I can’t answer for Mac or PC though…

Hi, thanks for your answer. I am using MAC…

Hi @ELB,

You can personalize your waveform display here:

You’ll find this in the top-right section of your djay screen. You have the option to change the waveform orientation and position.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Cheers, G

Furthermore, I’d like to point out that you can zoom in or out in the detailed waveform through this menu:
Screenshot 2021-09-10 at 10.08.42

You also have the option to activate the NeuralMix divided waveforms.

I hope I could help.

Cheers, G

Hello @Guillermo and thank you for your kind support !

I have tested these options but if I am not mistaken, none allows me to un-stack decks’ waveforms, on the same principle as in the bellow pic.

Am I right?


Thank you again,


Hey @ELB,


Is really interesting that you bring up this UI. Old-school, but still very relevant.

djay PRO AI on Mac doesn’t currently have a view where the detailed waveforms are shown in the middle. That’s what you’d like to have, right?

Cheers, G

@Guillermo ,

Old-school but it makes it easy to understand the principle :smiley: !

I would like to have this kind of waveform layout (aligned and not stacked) because it makes the mix more challenging (you can’t rely only on the visuals) and it would help get the skills required for spinning with older DJ set-ups which do not have the stacked waveform function on each turntable (see example bellow).

Thank you anyway, I hope you will suggest this to the development team. I think this feature would be interesting for many users!



I actually went to Virtual DJ (from Traktor), and then to DJay because they had stacked waveforms. I did “challenging” for many years with vinyl and then CDs. Personally I prefer software to make my life easier and less challenging, lol.

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We completely understand your point @Tony_Jey.

It’s important that every DJ feels comfortable using the djay UI. Each DJ has a particular way of mixing music and djay should adapt to everyone’s workflow. This is why we’ve worked on adding several personalization options on djay PRO AI (as I pointed out above). However, an un-stacked waveform view like @ELB is requesting in this thread is not currently offered.

We’ll work on this feature request and we’ll get back to you as soon as there’s more information on the topic.

Thank you guys for your patience and understanding.

Cheers, G

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Hi @Tony_Jey ,

I agree with you, stacked waveforms are more convenient and this DJAY layout allows me to focus more on the essential stuff: music!

But you can’t always choose your equipment, and stacked waveforms are not available on all set-ups… In regards to CDJs decks for example, I guess only the newest versions have it.