Changing Cue points on DJ controller

Hello fellow Djay Pro users,

I’m having a bit of trouble with cue points in djay Pro and was hoping someone could shed some light on this for me. In my DJ setup, I use the main cue point button to set temporary cue points during live performances, and I’m wondering how to change this cue point on my DJ controller as I have to go onto my laptop and click the ‘Set’ button which I belive I can do on a controller but I am not sure how.

I am using DDJ 200.

For the Pioneer DDJ-200

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You set (temporary) cue points by hitting the “CUE” button when the track is paused. Move the playhead with the jogwheel to the position you want and then hit “CUE”. The cue point should snap to the nearest beat. If not, click the little Q and enable “Quantize”. Let us know if that helps or if anything is unclear :slight_smile:

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