changing keys that have been wrongly detected by the program

Hi, I would like to adjust key information of tracks manually after they have been recognized wrongly by the programme. How can I do that? It’s important.



@thomas_williams at least on iOS, the Key field is not editable within djay Pro AI. It might be different on MacOS, but I’m pretty sure it’s the same.

The work around that I use actually comes from Mixed In Key. MIK gives you the option to write the key notation to places other than the Key field. I have it write the Key as a prefix to the Artist Name. If I find an incorrect Key when I’m processing my new music, I simply edit the Artist Name prefix to correct it. Having the Key as a prefix to the Artist Names still allows you to sort by Key in djay Pro AI. Not ideal, but it works. Of course this doesn’t work with streaming services though…

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