Changing next track on Automix removes song from manual list (bug)


On a manual playlist in Automix, changing the next track to a different one removes the queued track from the playlist (unintended behaviour) rather than dropping it down one place (intended behaviour).


I’m DJing an event where I need to play songs from start to finish, no need to mix, but with minimal silence between songs or even gentle overlap.

The set is prepped in advance but will also need to adapt to the moment or to requests. There will also be occasions where I will need to leave the booth for a couple of songs. So I setup a manual list automix, switch to two deck Pro view and I’m good to go. When I’m at the booth, I can fade or blend the tracks with no issue and when I’m away it’s setup to minimise silence as much as possible and auto plays the next track when the other finishes.

My problem is that if I need to change the song that will be played next and drag a different track onto the second deck from my files, the song that was queued there disappears from the Automix (manual) list completely rather then drops to third place in the list (1st place - currently playing, 2nd place - cued on second deck, 3rd place in the automix manual list.

On the iPad version the automix “up next” list has the 2nd place song - (which is cued on the second deck) listed first. Dragging a new song to the top of that list makes that song play next (2nd place)

On the MacOS version, the automix “up next” list has the 3rd place song listed first. Dragging a new song to the top of that list makes that song play third (3rd place)

Can the MacOS version please be updated to allow changing the next song and retaining the list order or is there something I’m missing that could make this work on MacOS?

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks

Hi @Peter2022,

Thanks for the post!

I wanted to let you know that our support team has been addressing your post for some time and wanted to see if you’d be able to provide a video walkthrough of what you believe to be unexpected Automix behavior in djay for further review?

If so, please upload your video file to a cloud storage service, like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive, or to your own YouTube account, and share a link to your video.

Looking forward to hearing back from you!

Hi Nathaniel

Thank you for reaching out. Please see the attached screenshots.

On the “iPad 01.jpg” screenshot you can see that automix is running and the currently playing track is Pirata de la Mar.

On the second deck you can see that Conteo Regresivo is already cued and ready to play after.

In the lower right side of the screen you can see “UP NEXT” (which has Conteo Regresivo there) and “QUEUE” (which has tracks that will play after Conteo Regresivo)

Now if I want to get Noche de Salsa (which is in the linked files section on that screen) to play next instead of Conteo Regresivo but still have Conteo Regresivo play after Noche de Salsa and continue down the queue, I can drag that above Conteo Regresivo on the “UP NEXT” list as per “iPad 02.jpg” screenshot.

On the “iPad 02.jpg” screenshot you can see that now Noche de Salsa is on the second deck ready to play after Pirata de la Mar finishes and Conteo Regresivo is still there in the “UP NEXT” queue to play after Noche de Salsa.

This is the intended behaviour and is awesome!

Now, if you look at the “MacBook.jpg” screenshot you can see that there is no “UP NEXT” section. So how can I change the next track and still retain the order of the tracks on the MacBook version??

Hi, is there any update coming to fix this please?

Also, Vasco’s comment above is nothing to do with this issue

Hi Vasco, please remove your comment, my post has nothing to do with anything jumping or resetting. I think you’re posting in the wrong thread. For the admins, can you please look at my last detailed post with the images attached that better explain what’s happening to the UP NEXT section (or the lack of it) on MacOS. Thank you.

bumping this as it’s still a bug with the Desktop app, hope it gets resolved soon

This has happened to me as well. Both on iPhone and iPad.

I think you’re experiencing a different bug. This only affects MacOS. iPad has an UP NEXT section, the MacOS version doesn’t. This is the difference between the apps which makes the MacOS version have reduced functionality

still not patched, can someone from your development team acknowledge that this functionality is missing from the Mac version but is in the iPad version. Will this be fixed?