Changing Playlists

Could you please include in the near future, in the program, the feature that when changing playlists, it stays at the same point (song) and does not start from the beginning when returning to the previous playlist? Like on Serato, Rekordbox and so on.

Thanks for the suggestion @djleokar. I’m sent this to the dev team for consideration.

Piggybacking on the suggestion from @djleokar it would be great if djay’s position in a playlist was retained after doing a search and clearing the search text box. Currently it moves to the top of the playlist after clearing the search text.

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  • Device model: Rane 72
  • Version of operating system: Win11
  • Version of djay: 5.1.7917.0
  • Hardware/controllers used: Rane 72 Mixer

Your question/suggestion/feedback:
Library scrolling using the scroll knob on the mixer moves back to the top. Basically does not continue from the last song selected. Not sure if there is a work on this but if you have a huge playlist it is not fun at all having to start from the top of the list again.


Hi @Illawon, I’ve merged your topic with this existing one as I believe they are related. This has already been shared with the dev team. Thanks.


Center on selected song in Libary Please :wink:

Thanks for the suggestion @DJMonti. I’ve merged your new topic with this existing one as I believe these are closely related. I have also forwarded this to the dev team for consideration.

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