Changing setting From Harmonic Mixing to Key Note

Hi there,

Is there a way to change the new harmonic note back to showing what key it’s in instead?

The harmonic mixing “2B, 11A, 9B” ← (example) etc… is making it difficult for me.



I’m not sure how the menus are on MacOS, but on iOS go to Settings->Library->Format. Guessing it’s pretty similar.

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Hey there. Thank you so much for your speedy response. I am assuming you’re talking about Settings in Apple Music?
I did that in Apple Music, but there wasn’t an to do that. This is what it looks like…

OK I figured it out. It was in DJ pro. Problem solved! Thank you, thank you thank you! Ever so grateful.

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while you may not want to use it, numerical keys are very straightforward to use: two tracks should be compatible as long as they are at most one number or letter apart, ie 7A + 8A = :white_check_mark:, 7A + 7B = :white_check_mark:, 7A + 9A = :x:. Some people also say that you should consider also number and letter apart ie 7A + 8B = :white_check_mark: which can be known as fuzzy keymixing. Whatever the case, always trust your ears. :blush: