Changing the analyzed key of a song

How can you change the “key” of a song if djay has misidentified it? Some of these keys are just wrong and I’d like to fix them.


Hi Mark,

There is currently no way to change the identified key. Can you please name examples of analyzed vs. correct keys?

Is “Distinguish major/minor keys” enabled in the “General” settings? Please open “Preferences” from the “djay” menu.

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By the way, can you please send us an email to with examples of incorrectly analyzed songs?

Sorry to leave this for so long. I have many examples. Not many I can name in this moment, but I could make a list if it serves.

Usually they’re off by a 4th or 5th. Sometimes it’s more about the relative minor (i.e. a song in Cm reading as Eb)

As an example, “Raisin’ The Stakes” by Groove Armada is clearly in G, but djay has identified it as Dm. Also, “War” by Joan Osborne is in Cm, but djay calls it Eb.

Hope these help.


Yes indeed it is.

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