Cheapest/best solution for good audio streaming quality

Hey guys, just wondering what you all think is the best and cheapest solution to deliver high quality audio when I am doing live streams of DJ sets on Periscope during these lockdown times? Using my iPhone mic isn’t ideal as it’s not that clear. I have a Pioneer DDJ-RB if that is relevant at all. I’m new to all this so recommendations would be great.

I’ve read about wiring the sound directly from the mixer into my mic in my phone but not sure how that works exactly as Periscope picks up the sound its broadcasting.



some ideas :

iRig Stream
Rolang GoMix 
Evermix box4

Hi mate.

I use a evermix mixbox 2 (costs about £100)

This plugs into rec out of the mixer and into your iphone/android device

All audio is captured for the app you are using at the time.

Works great for me.

Thanks guys but by cheap I meant about £20/£30, even if it’s just a good entry level mic for an iphone or an adapter of some sort.