Check for latest Windows Update

My machine has updated to the latest stable fall release Windows 1709 ( OS Build 16299.125 ). Everytime I now start the software it is prompting me to Get the Latest Windows 10 Update with a message about midi files.

This is rubbish. Why cant I turn this prompt off somewhere. Having paid for this software I do not expect to see nagware messages. Especially when I am running the latest version of Windows 10 Pro.

Hi there,

is the software referring to the latest creators update, please note that this update needs to be done manually, please see:

Hi Gustavo,

we are using another audio driver, therefore you need to bridge the device to make it work.
You can find a designated guide on how to do so in our FAQ section.

After doing this any 4 channel device can be used for stereo Pre Cueing and a stereo Master Output.…

Shame on you algoriddim, you are not taking time to fix the many issues of the Windows versions…

they had more than enough time.the software has been unchanged for over half a year now. but instead of carring about the shitty windows version, they have given the much more stable ongoing mac version a successor

Same here, in fact everyone must be seeing this warning having Pro or not :slight_smile:

Is it possible to turn it off once you know at least Creators Update is installed? I can imagine that you do this in order to prevent people complaining about something its already fixed with just updating Windows. For the rest of us who keep out software update is kinda of a nag screen on alread paid software :slight_smile:

I’m a software developer, mainly on Windows, and can tell you that this is not true. You can handle several sound devices easily on Windows and yet this people *don’t know how to do that* (there is a post saying exactly that) resulting in forcing us to split a stereo signal into 2 monos, one for pre-cueing in mono and main output in mono too (not really pro isn’t?)

Another alternative is using some magic tricks related to having an expensive sound device that supports at least 4 outs listed under the same device name AND a clever virtual audio cable software which is beyond average users (I’ve used this alternative, see my other posts)

Any other DJ app can easily handle this (believe me I’ve tried everything on Windows) you just add a cheap USB sound device and that’s it, you can pre-cueing there because DJ software without pre-cueing is almost useless unless you just want to mix a Spotify playlist and this is a task that the SP software could do in a future update with no hassle (there are simple mp3 players that blend one song to another mixing the last few seconds)

Having problems with searching is the other thing a DJ software must do well… FIND the next song is as important as being able to hear it :slight_smile: If you can’t make queries on your songs database it simply means that you just can’t code properly. It is pretty easy to find files in subfolders or even using mp3 tags instead of the filename

Based on this you can hire people that can fix this or continue to take money out of naive users that think that PRO on the name must mean something :slight_smile:

As HR8938Chepei noted they are following a dangerous path, releasing a version 1.0 with bugs, releasing a new version a few days later just to fix an installation issue and that’s is… yet several months later, no more fixes or updates.

This results in lots of angry users writing posts like this and alerting potentially new users of this issues. Those users finally don’t buy the software and then the developing on Windows stops because it is hard to sell something that it’s rated with 1 star :slight_smile:

Now they are on the “I’ve just launched a brand new version that It has more bugs than the previous one” so keep ignoring already paid users of older version and keep all the bug reports completely ignored as you can see walking this threads. This is going bad.

It’s a shame that the Windows store won’t let you see those negative reviews before buying this, worst thing is that with so little this software could be great!

They are the only one who can actually use the huge Spotify library right now, the GUI is awesome (VDJ has a terrible GUI but it does the job 1000% better) but the software can’t find songs unless they are on the same folder you actually are, it hangs no matter if you have the fastest notebook around, even with fast 16 GB RAM and SSD it happened to me… and this can’t happen on something that is used LIVE.

Shame on you Algoriddim, most software issues can be addressed searching on Google or in Stack Exchange, off course you just have to ask :slight_smile:

I know that Lukas, I already described that this worked for me. What it didnt worked was the faulty search and having to carry with me an expensive Scarlett audio device just to properly monitoring the next song :slight_smile:

Thanks for you response, the problem here is that “any 4 channel device” is not what everyone have on a regular setup. Most people have the internal soundcard and can’t add a cheap USB one because you don’t know how to handle audio properly on Windows :slight_smile: I repeat that any other DJ software is capable of that, and its really easy to do, you just route the audio according to the settings.

I understand that you are here to help and I appreciate that because this is a tough task since the software is mostly faulty, but be sure to help reading whats already been written.

What we are saying is that even if the Creators Update has been installed the software keeps complaining about it, turning this warning into a nag screen everytime you load the software.

This is easly bypassed checking on the software what version it is already installed and showing the nag scren if the actual Windows installed version is less than the version required… off course this require an update and seems that the windows developer(s) is not up to the task or able to to that :slight_smile:

Anyway, the nag screen is not the problem. Many people will have a gig tonight, its the last day of 2017 and many of them will have to deal with a frozen screen, a faulty library search and a special setup required both in hardware and in software required to do a simple task… pre-cueing.

This is the kind of software that make us claim for a refund… really. I wish that somebody could fix this, I like the software but it seems that you try to be on evey possible platform, iOS, Android, Windows and having success in everyone of them requires a lot of work, a lot of work you are not making at all :slight_smile:

I think that making software for Windows is more complicatted than IOS Mac. For know I give the boys some time to fix bugs. Exspecialy the search one.