choose Wego3 maping on Wego4

Love djay2 app, and was thinking of buying pro version for an iPad. But unfortunately, you can’t remap things even on pro version. The only thing I want is to change the behaviour of EQ & filter knobs on wego4 so they would work same as on wego3: hi, mid, low. Maybe you can update djay2 so one can switch to wego3 mapping while having wego4. Would really appreciate it.

Hi Marco,

thank you for your post.

Unfortunately remapping controllers with our iOS version is not supported.
We understand your point but want to apologise as we are not supporting it at the moment.

Thanks for your reply Lukas! Gotcha about the remapping support. What about allowing users of wego4 use wego3 mapping? Those are absolutely same controllers in terms of design, the only difference is that 3 knobs on wego3 work as hi, mid, low and on wego4 as hi, low, filter. Currently, I’ve switched to WEDJ app that Pioneer provides because it’s possible to do that small tweak there. I believe it’s shouldn’t be that hard. Would really love if you can also add this switch for EQ knobs on wego4, so I could return to using djay2.