Choose which folders to scan for music

Currently it scan my whole phone, so I see whatsapp audios in the Djay library.

PD. Im posting a lot, Im sorry, is just that Im testing it extensively.


Thank you for getting in touch.

Which library are you using in djay for Android?

Im not sure I understand the question. This are my Library settings in the app, there is nothing to choose.
And the view when loading a song from the “Music” section which I asume is the local media. Here is where I see any audio in the phone, even the Whatsapp messages.

This is where I’d like to see an option to look within Google Drive for music, in that drop-down menu pictured.

Also, it would be helpful to allow users to actually pick the path for finding the files. This would reduce climas_interiores’ issues of the app automatically populating every single audio file it finds within the device. If we could point it to our “Music” folder or what-have-you, it would avoid picking up audio messages, class lectures, interviews, podcasts, etc because we could keep those segregated in their own folders within the device storage.

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