Choppy video processing through Apple TV mirroring

I’ve been having problems with pushing to an Apple TV from an iPad 3 - the video is VERY choppy, and will often pause for several seconds (like 10 to 15 in some cases) after loading something onto the OTHER table. It seems like this is all on the iPad before it gets pushed out to the Apple TV - the TV then faithfully displays the pauses that show up on the iPad. I DON’T get the same lag, pauses, or choppiness running through the VGA adapter, likewise when running it through an old composite video adapter and also headless (no adapter)
(FWIW, I had the same problem with my iPhone 5s - loading videos created a lot of pausing and choppiness.)

Hi Noah,

Thanks for contacting us.

Which vjay version are you using on your iPad and iPhone?