Choppy vjay video over Apple TV

I’ve having an issue with the quality of my video being played by the vjay app and pushed to Apple TV. The audio sounds great, but video quality is very poor. Is there any way to improve it?

Hi Ryan,

Are you using AirPlay?

Hi Wayne,

Sorry to hear that.

Can you please provide more information regarding the issue you’ve encountered?

I finally bought the HDMI adaptor and tried the Video out onto my 24" LCD monitor.
I did notice the frame rate was slower and the quality was not as good as the video on my IPAD2. I also experienced audio glitches on some of my videos.

no Airplay just a short HDMI cable to a 24" LCD Monitor

thanks Warren for your reply. I will run more tests but currently the output to my screen picture quality is far less than what’s playing on the ipad 2. Is this normal?

How do i improve the video quality on ipad 3?