Class Compliant Soundcard with good phono preamp

Hello, I plan to use Djay Pro on IOS with DVS support (Technics Turntables).

Does somebody know a good Souncard that is USB class compliant with IOS and has good phono preamp with a passthrou switch option to be able to use both analog vinyl with good quality and DVS ?

Thanks in advance.

The Reloop Flux is probably the only thing around specifically designed for DVS at the moment, but is still not officially supported by DJay.

Although Mojaxx has shown it does work on iPad with DJay Pro, he wasn’t using DVS and old posts here have mentioned latency.

Thank you, I saw this soundcard also, the switch seems to be directly on the soundcard so it but for the latencie issue this is a big problem.

I will perhaps need to change my mixer for a xone. Omnitronic mixers have also DVS output but I don’t now how it works, it should be nice if it’s split the turntable output so I can use a regular vinyl without the need of a soundcard.

Posts from last year suggest that Algoriddim were liaising with Reloop about native support…

[edit] later posts in this thread suggest it works:

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I think I would try the Omnitronic mixers as the phono preamp are good and they have a DVS out to send the timecode signal. I can then choose a good quality USB C class Compliant interface with 2 stereo INs and 2 stereo OUts like audient offers.

Hi @ndmind1, you might also want to check out the Numark Scratch mixer.

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Pioneer, A&H, Denon, Rane and Reloop all have mixers fully compatible with Algoriddim DJAY, including class compliant sound cards, fully midi mapped and DVS support.
I would say the best Analog preamps are either A&H or Rane’s


Thank you, I don’t think that rane mixers are analog today, I had à MP2016 back in the days, it was good. I would pick a Xone PX5 as the mixer has good phono preamp, DVS intégation and some knobs midi mappable. Thanks everybody for your advices.

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No problem. And by analog preamps, I meant preamps for analog turntables.

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