Clear History Option

I noticed that someone asked for a history to be recorded and he was directed to where to find it….all good so far.

At the other end of that scale can we have a ‘Clear History’ option or even a setting to not record it at all in the first place?

I know a lot of people use and like it (although device syncing still seems to be a bone of contention), but for those of us who don’t use or need it an option to turn it off or clear it out would be good.


Our sessions are collecting the tracks you have played by reference until you start a new history. At the moment you can clear a session by deleting the session. Would a clear all sessions be a valuable feature to solve the issue?

Cheers Lukas,

On both the iPhone and the iPad I have sessions arranged by date / time but I cannot find a way to delete them at all??

There’s a ‘see more’ button to expand the list but no buttons for deleting, the other ‘swipe left’ iOS option doesn’t work either.

What am I missing to delete them?

In response to your question though, a clear all option would be good.



That may have been my question. I guess what I was hoping to have learned or figure out, is the option of easily migrating the play list into the upload platform on SoundCloud. I haven’t figured out how to upload the track list to the mix I’ve made on Al. I would just like to nave it be seamless. And I am probably overlooking the obvious…

Seattle Johansson Music on SoundCloud
Thank you!!

I have been enjoying Algoriddim products I’m pretty sure since about the first year. Ive saved thousands of dollars and no need for rented square footage for records and equipment

Thanks for the email explaining this Lukas.

That’s sorted it out.

Turns out I was looking in totally the wrong place and where I should have been looking I’d hidden!!

So, major user error!! :rofl::rofl:

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