Click in Deck1 timeline let Deck2 jump with it


for editing reasons (preparing a set) it would be faster if I could jump around in a track with both decks following. So they would stay always together.
In the same mode if I press cue point 1 on deck 1 the deck 2 is following exactly there.
Note: if they are in sync = fine. If they aren’t, it’s a matter of math, of time calculation.

Hi @SirHannes,

Thanks so much for the feedback!

I’ve gone ahead and passed this along to our engineering team for further review.

Should I have an update from them on this in the future, I will add it to this thread.

Additionally, I’ve moved your post to the Suggestions category of our Community for better topic management.

Have a nice day!

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Thank you, @NathanielAlgo :slight_smile: