Clone all data / settings from iPad to iPad

Really need the ability to copy/clone/transfer all playlists/data/settings from one iPad to another one.

By all, I mean all song data (including analysis).

Would be great to have a way to not only transfer the data in the current iCloud account, but also to different iCloud accounts.

If you‘re okay with manual work, you can always copy the contents of the djay folder from the Files app (under „On my iPad“) from one iPad to another.

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I’m glad you said that @djjoejoe, I’d thought the same thing but wasn’t 100% that would work so held off saying it! :grin:

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You’re right to throw in a word of caution here, @sooteee, since not all settings will be transferrable. This especially applies to playlists and songs added to the “My Library” view. Still, analysis data should get transferred this way, along with old recordings, MIDI mappings and settings.

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@djjoejoe and @sootee - thanks for the suggestion. It does appear that cue’s and midi mappings got transferred by copying the local “on my iPad” contents to a new iPad.

Unfortunately music analysis data and regular settings did not get transferred. Cues usually get saved to iCloud anyways so I’m not sure if copying the contents from one iPad to the other really did much.

Source iPad shows that djay is using 1.67GB for Documents & Data. The “djay/User Data/djay Media Library.djayMediaLibrary” is only 227MB.

However, just as important as cue’s are the playlists and songs added to My Library. How can I transfer these? Got new iPad Pros to go with our new RANE Twelve MKII’s and it’s a lot of work to duplicate the My Library from one iPad to another. These are critical because I have songs from Tidal, iTunes, Soundcloud and Files combined into various playlists in the DJPro Library.

Um… My Library playlists just appeared in the new iPads a couple of hours after I had transferred the djay folder! Thats awesome!


If you’re using iCloud, shouldn’t that allow for the transfer of all data in the same form, from one iPad to the next? It works seamlessly in that way for me when I go from iPhone to iPad

Hi @Budda_Pastrami,

Currently - track metadata generated while using djay on your Mac, iPad, or iPhone is automatically synced via iCloud. This includes cue points and loop regions per song. Other metadata like BPM analysis is currently not synced.