Colour coding playlists for accessibility

The interface for the playlist panel lacks visual orientation. When the number of playlists reaches a scrollable amount it’s hard to quickly overview the contents of the panel. The only visual guidance is the name after the playlist icon. The lack of any other means to distinguish playlists from one and another is challenging for someone with bad eyesight or someone who’s simply a bit drunk.

An opportunity would be to allow labelling playlists with custom colours or icons in order to bring familiarity in the navigation of the playlist section.

A small detail, but largely grateful if improved

thanks! /J

Thanks for the suggestion @Kushman! This has been passed onto the dev team for consideration.

Hi @Kushman,

The dev team is looking into this further, but in the meantime they wanted to point out that you can use emojis in the playlist names to make them stand out.

They’re smarter than me. Thank you!

You’re welcome @Kushman

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