Comments-column shows only 15 letters

Hi there,

testing several DJ apps this seems to be a bug: your App shows only 15 letters in the comments column. Serato or other apps let me read through my notes completely. Hopefully, this is just a menu setting to show mp3 tags completely (what I would expect in 2023) and not a bug.


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Hi @SirHannes,

Thanks so much for sharing your inquiry with us!

Currently, this is expected behavior of djay Pro AI for Mac, however, we will make sure to pass this along to our engineering team for continued review.

Have a nice day!

Hi @SirHannes @NathanielAlgo

I have the same issue - I’m using the Windows version.

I only see the first part of my longer comments. There is plenty of remaining space on my screen which is currently empty - it seems strange and a waste of valuable screen space! Is there any chance of fixing this yet?


Hi @EmmCee, this is not currently supported on the Windows version of djay either.

Okay thanks for letting me know @Slak_Jaw.

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You’re welcome @EmmCee